Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I place an order?

A: Contact us to place your order. Due to the many imprinting and color options, we prefer to give you a quotation first to ensure your order is correct.


Q: What does "Production Time" mean, how long until my order ships? 

A: Production time is the listed amount of time it takes the factory to produce your order. Production starts after final proof approval.  Please keep in mind that it usually takes at least one business day to process your order, and at least one day or more for your artwork or imprint to be approved by the art department and a proof produced and sent to you.  In a huge rush? Check out our Rush Promotional Products.


Q: What if I don't have my company logo / artwork in a format that can be used for silkscreening, engraving or embroidery?

A: First find out if someone else has your logo already available. For example, think of the companies that printed your current business cards, brochures, signs, or any other marketing material. Chances are they have your logo and can email it to you or us. In the worst of case if all you have is your logo as a JPG image on your web site, or on a business card or in a fax, we can usually recreate your logo for an additional charge.

Please refer to the Art Info page for more details.


Q: Can I get a sample?

A: Yes you can order a sample. Please order the sample online by selecting a quantity of "1" item.  You will be charged for the one item plus shipping.  Please note that if you are ordering multiple samples that each item may ship from a different location or factory so you may incur a shipping fee for each item. Please contact us if you have any problem ordering the sample online directly so we can assist you.

Q. What is an overrun / underrun?

A: Almost all orders are subject to an overrun/under run of plus or minus 5%. Why do manufacturers have over/under runs? Here is an example to help explain this: Lets say that you order 1,000 imprinted pens. The factory will actually produce about 1,100 pieces, and then quality control would go in and pick out the bad ones. This is to assure you that they will be able to provide you with approx 1,000 pens. Sometimes there are a bit more good pens than you ordered, sometimes a bit less. You are charged for the actual amount you receive. So if you receive 1025 pens, you will be charged for 1025 pens. If you receive 975 pens, you will be credited for the 25 extra pens you paid for. 

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy? 

A:  Orders can only be canceled if production has not yet started on your order. To cancel an order, contact us immediately.  Note that if paying by credit card or Paypal and your payment has already processed there is a 2.5% cancellation fee to cover our merchant fees.  There may also be only a partial refund if any work has already been performed, such as artwork or proofs. 

Please note that we deal with over 2,500 factories and each is responsible for updating their own product details in our catalog.  Although rare, it is possible that an item on our site is no longer available or is out of stock or has a price change.  In case of any issue, we will always notify you of any issues before completing your order.



Artwork Info


Vectorized art is always recommended (and often required) for optimal printing.

Convert all text to outlines/paths prior to sending us your artwork file.
Vector art can be provided in .eps , .pdf, or .ai format (saved as Adobe CS4 or earlier). 

We will notify you if there is an issue with your art.


For certain products, rasterized artwork may be accepted as well. The resolution for rasterized artwork should be set at 300 dpi or higher. We will not be responsible for the quality of printing of low-resolution artwork. 



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